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Volunteer for Con of the North

Volunteers are so important to an organization like CotN, and getting involved is a great way to meet other gamers and help promote gaming. These documents tell you about how, where and when you can volunteer for Con of the North.

  • The timeline gives meeting times and places - newcomers and volunteers are always welcome.
  • Our directions page will help you get to meetings and other important places.
  • The CotN Reference PDF has the Timeline, important phone numbers and email addresses, and maps to the major meeting sites.
  • Keep up-to-date on CotN news on the main page.
  • The Volunteer Manual has more information about volunteering at Con of the North.

Con of the North 2018 Timeline

This is a list of all of the meetings, mailings, and deadlines planned for Con of the North 2018. They include:

  • Magnetron Meetings where you can see how the "day-to-day" operation of the convention.
  • Work parties like the Event Scheduling Party, where we need groups of people to do "assembly-line" duties. Stay afterwards and play some games!
  • The Volunteer Parties, which are great ways to meet other Con of the North Volunteers and learn more about volunteering opportunities.
Date and Time Event Where
April 2016
April 11
7 PM

Magnetron Meeting
Topic: Budget & Timeline
Meetings Notes
Crowne Plaza
Minneapolis West
May 2016
May 9
7 PM
Magnetron Meeting
Topics: TBA
Crowne Plaza
Minneapolis West
June 2016
June 11
All Pubs PreReg paperwork updated and printed for next meeting for Registration and Program Departments  
June 13
7 PM
Magnetron Meeting
Topics: T-shirts, Promos, Volunteer premiums (per last year), Results from June-11th Testing Party
Crowne Plaza
Minneapolis West


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Available information and forms available for download.

Meeting Notes:


If you'd like to see older event lists to get an idea of what has been appearing at the convention over time, visit our Event Archives.

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