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Updated July 11th, 2017

Updates from CotN 2009

These are updates from CotN 2009. Old links may no longer exist!

Website Transition Time

- We hope you had a great CotN 2009!

The website may be a bit messed up for the next couple of days as we transition to a new convention year.

Event Listings and Registration Available

- Our 2009 events and event registration forms are now available on the Registration page!

Event Submission Opens

- Judge Registration and Event Submission is now available online and by mail! Head on over to the Judging page to get started.

Early Preregistration Opens!

- Early Preregistration is now available by mail and online! Head on over to the Registration page to preregister.

Volunteer Party Date Change

- The Volunteer Party has been changed to the 21st in favor of the Bob "Roadkill" Aiken Memorial BBQ.

IT Meeting Moved

- Next Tuesday's IT meeting will be at Don and Kelly's instead of Albert's.

Site Update In Progress

- We are in the process of updating the website for 2009. Pages may temporarily stop working during this process. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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