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Updated July 11th, 2017

Updates from CotN 2008

These are updates from CotN 2008. Old links may no longer exist!

Elections this Weekend, Review Next Weekend

- We hope you had fun at CotN 2008! As always, the end of one convention heralds the beginning of the new. The Elections for next year will be held this Saturday, March 1. A week later, we'll have the last CotN 2008-related meeting: the Convention Review. Everyone is welcome to attend either meeting!

Pioneer Press Article

- The Pioneer Press has an article about Con of the North in the Local section. The online version includes a video of folks talking about gaming. Check it out when you have some downtime!

Errata Updated; On-site Events Added

- We've added a couple more changes and all of the events that were added to the database after the book to the 2008 Errata page. Ranging from TFOS to Talisman, these events add to the great gaming lineup at CotN 2008. Check them out!

Onsite Event Entry Party

- This will be happening this year and will be at The Beechers'. There may very well be gaming afterwards!

New Store: CotN 2008 Cover Art

- We now have a new Cafepress store full of clothing featuring this year's book cover art. Look stylish and support your favorite local convention with one of the many shirt styles now available!

Posters and Fliers Available

- For everyone helping with our last advertising push, there are now posters and flyers available in the Volunteer Downloads area. Thanks!

Arctic BBQ Moved!

- The Arctic BBQ Volunteer party will be at Albert's. Sorry for the late notice!

Errata and CSV

- We have posted our first piece of Errata and you can now get the event list in the form of a CSV file. Enjoy!

Event Lists Are Up

- Event lists are now available from the Registration page. We've also added a text field for submitting event choices to the Online Registration form.

Online Event Submissions

- Judges and Referees can now submit their events online with the Online Event Propsal form. Procrastination is no excuse this year!

Judge and Referee Online Registration Opens

- Judges and Referees can now register online with the Judge and Referee Online Registration form. Online Event Proposal form coming soon!

Printable Event Submission Forms Up

- On the Judging page you can now download the Judge's Packet and printable Event Proposal Form.

Online Registration Opens

- That's right, you can once again Register Online for Con of the North! If you have any problems, please email info@conofthenorth.org. Traditional registration forms and judging information will be available shortly; we thank you for your patience!

Campout Information Posted

- Information for this year's Campout is now available. If you like being in the great outdoors or would love to LARP, this is your weekend!

Welcome to CotN 2008!

- Yes, the Con folk are emerging from their hibernation and are preparing for another fun weekend next February. This year's events start with fun! Our summer Volunteer Party is on June 9th and you're invited; bring your favorite games to play with your friends! In July the ever-popular CONvergence Cabana Party will be returning once again, so stop by if you're at the con! We'll be working on things this summer as well: check out the Timeline for more info on upcoming meetings. The 16th Con of the North is gearing up to be a great one; we hope you'll join us!
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