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Updated May 13th, 2014

Updates from CotN 2007

These are updates from CotN 2007. Old links may no longer exist!

On-site Supplement Events Posted

- Still looking for a game to play? Check out the On-site Supplement Events for some new ideas!

Online Event Lists and Errata Posted

- Better late than never, you can now view all events online and check for any changes in your events. The Errata includes three events not listed in the book: The Horseman Rides, Fuzzy Heroes: The Pillowcase of Secrets, and Return to the Keep of Riddles. Check them out!

MidiMaze Creation Tools

- To create mazes for this year's MidiMaze events, download the MidiMaze Utilities from ESG Labs.

Preregistration Extended

- We've extended Preregistration to January 12th. Our lateness is your gain! While you're filling out that form, don't forget to reserve a room in the hotel with our code: CO2!

Various Updates

- The latest Compass and Wallpapers and Posters based on this year's cover art are now available on the Volunteering page. The Judging page has been updated with the Onsite Supplement deadline and appropriate forms. Our first round of event errata will be posted soon.

PDFs Now Available

- The Events Book and Preregistration Form PDFs are now available on the Registration page.

Books Are On Their Way

- The Events Book Stuffing Party went well and the books should be on their way soon! The book PDF, online events list, and various forms will be appearing over the course of this week. Stay tuned!

Scheduling Party Location Change

- This Saturday's Data Entry and Scheduling Party has been moved to The Beechers'. We'll see you there!

Transfer Complete!

- The transfer went through without a hitch. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience you may have had during this process.

Behind the Scenes Work

- We are going to be changing domain registrars in the next couple of days. The website and our email addresses may become unreachable for a short time during this process. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Is this thing on?

- Despite the Webmaster's entire computer network attempting to self-destruct, the CotN website has been brought up to date. We've got forms a-plenty for our Judges and Referees, Players, and Sponsors. Enjoy, and sorry for the delays!

More Fun Things in July!

- The recent Volunteer Party kicked off the CotN Month of Fun! Keep it rolling by coming to our CONvergence Room Party and the Summer LARP Campout!

Site Updates Begin

- The new Judge and Referee policy has been posted, as have this year's Vending and Advertising rates. Forms and more are on the way!

GMing for Free Discussion this Tuesday

- On the 23rd, we'll be discussing what CotN's permanent policy should be for GMs that wish to run but not play in any games. If you'd like to weigh in on the subject, please come to the meeting or email info@conofthenorth.org.

Welcome to 2007!

- The sun is out, the snow is gone, and Con business is in the air. The website has been overhauled for 2007, including the Timeline and the Downloadable Timeline. The more things change, the more things stay the same...

Timeline Meeting Pushed Back

- The Timeline meeting has been pushed back a week and merged with the Budget meeting. The combined meeting will be March 28th at Don and Kelly's.

Review Party Included Discussion, Gaming

- The Review Party went well, with some good suggestions brought up and issues discussed. A full report will be going out after the combined Budget and Timeline meeting. Afterwards, pizza was eaten and games were played, the hallmark of a good CotN work session.

Welcome the New Magnetrons

- It's step and repeat for the Magnetron Council: all of the Magnetrons are staying on for another year except for the Tyykilas in Membership; Mike Miller has stepped back into that role. Congratulations to the 2007 Magnetrons!

The Dark Time Begins

- The next couple of months are pretty quiet for Con of the North, and we'll be using that time for some maintenance on the site and other such boring things. We'll be back with you when the changeover to CotN 2007 is done!

Elections Still Tomorrow

- Jim and Heather have a family conflict, but the elections will still be tomorrow at their house as originally planned. We apologize for the confusion.
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