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Updates from CotN 2006

These are updates from CotN 2006. Old links may no longer exist!

Another One's in the Books!

- Con of the North 2006 is over! We hope you enjoyed it!

Living Greyhawk Events Posted

- You can now view and register for Living Greyhawk events at warhorn.net. Thanks to the folks at the Shield Lands for running events at CotN 2006!

Preregistration Deadline Extended

- The preregistration deadline has been extended to February 4, 2006!

"Online" Event Registrations

- If you paid via PayPal, wish to register for events, and did not separately send us an Event Registration form (or send it via email), you need to do so. Everyone who paid via PayPal and hadn't sent in Event Registrations should have gotten an email about it as well. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Preregistration Deadline Looms!

- The Preregistration deadline is this weekend! Save that $12 for the Dealer's Room by registering today!

Second Errata Posting

- Errata has been added for Tainted. Also fixed duplicate &s throughout the event listings and updated the CSV download.

First Errata Posting

- Errata for a number of events is now available. This posting has changes for A Bridge Too Far, Close Action, COTN Cup of StreetSoccer, Speed Painting Contest, War in the so-called "Pacific", War in Three Eras, and When Did The Home Office Move? Please accept our apologies!

Another Way To View Events

- We've added a .CSV of the event data to the Registration Downloads.

Registration Materials Are Up

- The registration form, book PDF, and online event lists can all be found on the Registration page. We apologize for the delay!

PayPal® Registration Now Available!

- You can now register for the convention with a credit card or other PayPal® payment method.

Books are on their way!

- The Book Stuffing party went quite well, and the books should be arriving shortly. Thanks to everyone who helped with the book!

Online Registration Info Delayed

- The Events Book PDF, online event listings, and forms will be online by this weekend. Sorry for the delay!

Poster Available

- Want to help spread the word about Con of the North? Head to the Volunteer Downloads page and print out our new poster featuring this year's great Lou Frank cover art.

Event Entry is Over!

- This year's Data Entry Party went very well, with only a few minor problems! Most games have been scheduled, and as of this writing we have 150 unique events and four Theme Rooms. Thanks again to everyone who submitted events!

Event Deadline Looms

- There's only 5 days left before the Event Deadline! If you need the Event Proposal form, you can get one from the Forms Section of the Judging page. If you have any questions, send them to info@conofthenorth.org. Thanks to all of our great judges!

It's a Form For All!

- No matter what your interest in Con of the North, we have a form for you! If you'd like to run a game at Con of the North, head on over to the Judging page and grab this year's Judge Packet and/or Web Form. If just playing games is more your style, then stop by the Registration page and grab an Early Prereg Form. For our great vendors and sponsors, the Vendor Space and Event Book Advertising forms are now available on the Sponsors page. As always, we recommend updating your version of Adobe Reader before using them!

New Judge Option: Theme Track Rooms

- If you or your GMing group run similar games for most of the convention and you'd like a bit quieter area to run in, we have a deal for you! Submit your games in a group as a Theme Track and you could be running them in the relative quiet of a converted sleeping room on the same floor as the convention. If you're interested, head to the Theme Track entry on the Judging page for all the details.

New Group Option: Freely Assigned Tables

- We also have a new option for our larger groups! If your group typically runs a number of events located near each other that either vary in size or in specific event being run, ask us about setting up a group HQ instead of scheduling your group's tables. We'll give you a number of tables for the weekend and you can arrange them as needed for your events! We hope to have more information posted on the website soon; for now send an email to info@conofthenorth.org if you are interested.

Judge Premium Policy Change

- One of the little "thank-you" rewards that Con of the North gives to our judges is either $5 off their registration or a T-Shirt. In the past we gave this to anyone who ran an event at CotN. Starting this year your event must be in the Events Book in order to receive this premium. Make sure you get your forms in on time! If you have any questions, ask on the Yahoo! Group or email info@conofthenorth.com.

Welcome the Privacy Statement

- Con of the North now has a Privacy Statement on the About page. As we do collect your personal information, we felt we should have one if only to reassure everyone that we don't sell our mailing list. Let us know if you have any questions.

Magnetron Meeting Moves

- Next week's Magnetron Meeting will be at the Beechers', not at Nate's. The major topic of discussion will be the Time Slot System: pros and cons of the current one, potential tweaks to it, and alternatives like letting events start and end on any even hour. Come out and share your thoughts!

Registration Price Changes

- It's been 6 years since CotN's prices have changed, but with the move to a nicer hotel has come a slight price adjustment. All registration prices have been raised $2, giving a prereg price of $25 and an onsite weekend price of $37. The full price list is available on the Registration page.

Vendor and Advertising Prices Posted

- The prices for Vendor spaces and Advertising in the Events Book have been posted on the Sponsors page. They are unchanged from last year. Forms will be available soon.

Welcome to CotN 2006!

- The website has been cleaned out for CotN 2006! Full Registration and Judging info will be available after next week's Magentron meeting, but for now check out the detailed Timeline online or download the printable version.

Stay up to date with RSS

- We now have an RSS feed available at www.conofthenorth.org/cotnrss.xml, for those who like up-to-the-minute website updates.

It's a brand new year!

- At least, it will be soon! While we're getting the website updated, don't forget that the Budget meeting is this weekend.

Timeline Meeting Time Fixed

- The upcoming Timeline Meeting will be at 7 PM. Sorry!
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