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Updates from CotN 2005

These are updates from CotN 2005. Old links may no longer exist!

It's Over!

- Con of the North 2005 is all done, and we hope you had a great time! If you have any feedback on CotN 2005 or if you're interested in volunteering for CotN 2006, please come to the CotN 2005 Review on March 19th and let us know in person. If you can't make it, please send your suggestions to info@conofthenorth.org.

More Sponsor Updates

- Can't remember which vendor had the item you wanted to purchase? The Sponsors has been updated with everyone who was vending at the Convention. A huge thanks to all of the companies that support Con of the North!

Sponsor Updates

- The lost Sponsors page update has been found, so everyone who was in the Events Book is now on the webpage. The final vendor list is forthcoming. Our apologies to the great companies that help make Con of the North possible!

We Have Living Force Too

- TWiRP has volunteered to run Living Force events at CotN 2005! The module list and event registration information will be posted as soon as possible.

Living Greyhawk Events List Available

- You can see what modules will be run at CotN and register for the ones you'd like to play at http://www.warhorn.net/cotn/.

We Have Living Greyhawk

- Thanks to our friends at the Shield Lands, CotN 2005 will have Living Greyhawk events! The module list and event registration information will be posted as soon as possible. Don't forget that you will have to register for the convention normally to play in the Living Greyhawk events. Preregistration ends Friday!

CotN Defeats WizKids

- Well, their online registration system at least: CotN 2005 is now recognized as a Venue. If you're running WizKids events and need help setting them up for prize support, contact us at info@conofthenorth.org. (We can't promise that we can help you, but you can commiserate with Nate!)

Prereg Deadline Looms

- This is the last week to preregister for the convention and register for events! If you haven't yet, you can download the forms you need from the Registration page. We hope to see you there!

More Book Errata

- A couple more fixes are available on the Events Book Errata page.

Book Errata Posted

- No book is ever without problems! We now have an Events Book Errata page. The Online Event List has been updated as well.

Slight Reorganization

- In a fit of reorganization, the Events page has been renamed Judging, and is only about running events at Con of the North. Registration remains your place to preregister for the convention, see what events will run at CotN 2005, and sign up for event tickets. The Cover Wallpaper has moved to the Volunteering page with the other downloads, and the Volunteer button has grown an -ing, to match its page name. Sorry for any confusion!

The Book Is Here!

- It's filled with events, turned into a PDF, and ready for you to download on the Registration page!

The Book Is Coming!

- It's filled with events, off to the printers, and should be ready for this weekend's Book Stuffing Party! Take a sneak peek at the cover page with our new set of Cover Wallpaper!

CotN Retro Store Opens

- Want to show your love for the convention with something a bit different? Head on over to our new Cafepress store, featuring items with a colorized version of the 1995 Pre-Reg book picture and a colorized Green Pawn from the CotN Cards.

Data Has Been Entered

- Thanks to our great judges who submitted events and to the volunteers who came to the Data Entry Party, we have approximately 120 different events entered into the database! Scheduling continues as we adjust to the new space.

Judge Packet Available!

- The CotN busy season begins! If you'd like to run a game, head on over to the Events page and download a Judge Packet. Make sure you've kept your Acrobat up to date!

Printable Tri-Fold Flyer Posted

- Want to help advertise Con of the North? Grab this year's Tri-Fold Flyer from the Volunteering Downloads and you'll be ready to go.

Early Preregistration Now Open

- Can't wait to register for Con of the North 2005? Head on over to the Registration page and download the Early Preregistration form!

Campout Information Available

- Prices and game information for the Summer Campout are now available.

Volunteer Party a Blast!

- It sounds like everyone had a lot of fun at our summer volunteer party. Thanks for coming out!

Even More Web Updates

- The Volunteer Manual is now available for your volunteer information needs. Fixed the date for the Summer Campout; prices and game info will be available soon. The online and downloadable Timelines have been updated with the right date for the Campout.

Volunteer Party Date Changed

- Due to a conflicting event, the Summer Volunteer Party has moved one week later to June 19th. The online and downloadable Timelines have been updated. Reminders will be sent out this weekend!

Directions Updated; Printable Pages added

- The Directions page has been updated with maps and a printable version. We've also added a Printable Directions web page and a CotN 2005 Quick Reference PDF. Stick it on your fridge!

Timeline 2005 Posted

- The Timeline is now up-to-date with all of the CotN 2005 event information.

Many Site Updates

- Much of the site has been cleaned up for 2005. The Events page has had the 2004 information removed. Registration has had old info pulled and now has information on the new hotel. Sorry for the delay!

2004 Miniature Painting Contest Results

Head over to the Contest Results Page and see who won! Thanks to Terrain Specialties for another great Miniature Painting Contest!
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