The one thing that makes a quality games convention are the events, and Con of the North has had a wide variety of great events of all kinds over the years thanks to our Judges and Referees. Without Judges and Referees, we’d have no convention. Thank you for volunteering to run the games that make Con of the North happen!!

GMs must be registered before their games will be scheduled. GMs have two registration choices, Judge or Referee.

Registering as a Judge costs the same as a Player registration and gives the attendee the ability to participate in other events at the convention. In addition, Judges who are fully paid and have their games submitted before the initial submission deadline (2019-10-31) are eligible for a Judge’s Premium: either a discount on their registration price or a free convention t-shirt.

Registering as a Referee is free, but the only thing a Referee can do is run their own events. Referees cannot participate in other convention events, nor do they receive any of the premiums that Judges receive.

Events will not be scheduled until after the GM is registered.

Con of the North is no longer mailing out event books to attendees; all events will be made available online.

Both Judges and Referees must agree to follow the GM Policies.

If your event is sponsored by a group or organization, send an email to info@contofthenorth.org to label it as such.