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All-Convention Events

After the proofreading, editing process and layout is completed and sent to printing, the events list will be posted at that time - estimated for late October to early November.

Tips: Don't forget that you can use your browser's search function to find game types, systems, sponsors, or GMs! The CotN game types are Board Game, Card Game, Computer Game, Interactive Roleplaying, Miniatures, and Roleplaying, any of which could be a Tournament.

Event Categories and Other Definitions

Event Type

  • Board - Games played with some type of game board or boards.
  • Card - Games played with just cards includes collectible and non-collectible.
  • Computer - Games played on a computer or video game console.
  • LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing) – Story-based interaction between players and GM where everyone is up and moving around, rather than sitting around a table.
  • Miniatures - Games played on a battlefield using painted figures.
  • RPG (Role-Playing Games) – Story-based interaction between players and GM where everyone is sitting around a table.
  • Seminar - One or more individuals presenting information about a topic, can include a question/answer component.

Rules Knowledge

We are standardizing the Rules Knowledge section of events so that both GMs and players have a similar understanding.

  • None - You do not need any previous knowledge of the game or the rules to play this game. Any/all rules will be taught during play.
  • Some - You should be familiar with the rules of the game or similar games. Some rules can be taught during play, but in general this is not for brand-new players.
  • Advanced - You should be very familiar with the rules of the game. Very few, if any, rules will be taught during play.


We have added a rating category to events to allow attendees to better select events appropriate for them. General is the default rating for most of the events run at CotN.

  • Family - This game will not have any profanity, no sexual innuendo, and violence will be brief, limited and not depicted in a graphic manner. Think of the standard G/PG animated movie.
  • General - The game may have mild profanity and/or some violence. Intense themes may be present, but they will not be the focus of the game. GMs will ensure that the game is adjusted to accommodate any children present, but parents and children should realize they will be playing in a game that may not be suitable for them. Games of this type may not be suitable for young players only because of the complexity of the rules. Think of the standard PG-13 action movie.
  • Mature -- The game will have themes of an adult nature that are unsuitable for younger players. GMs will still ensure their game's content remains such that it can be played in any convention space without causing problems. Think of the standard R-rated action or horror movie.

Required Materials

  • None - All materials needed to play the game are provided. The player does not need anything, including dice. Includes most board games, and some card games.
  • General - Players need their own generic materials like pencils, dice, etc. The GM will provide other specific materials such as characters, minis, etc... Includes most RPGs and LARPs.
  • All - Players must supply their own equipment to play this game. The GM will provide only the most basic materials needed for play like the game board. Includes most miniature games, card games, and some RPGs.

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