Event Tickets

2020 Con of the North Event Book – v. 6.0

Also the 6.0 version of the Spreadsheet of games.


Event Tickets for CotN 2020 are currently available (see timeline).

Registration for the convention and game submission are accomplished through the same site.  The event ticket selection process is split in to 2 phases.

Phase 1 – Event Preselection

The first phase of event selection, which we’re calling Event Preselection, will open November 17th and will close at the end of December. In this phase, you’ll have the ability to select up to 20 events that you’re interested in attending, and they will be placed in a ranked order that you set.  The events you are most interested in attending should be set near the top (Rank 1) and less important events should have higher numbers.

Once Event Preselection closes, the system will then go through and try to assign you up to eight of your selected events to give you the solid core of your schedule for the convention. The system will not provide alternate (waiting list) tickets during Event Presection – any ticket provided to you is a guaranteed seat at the table.  During the assignment process, the system will skip over time slots you already received an event for.

Phase 2 – Live Selection

The second phase of Event Selection will allow you to see all of the events that the system has automatically assigned to you based on your Preselection as well as allow you to add new events, give back your ticket on events you currently have assigned, or change your schedule in any way. At this time, there is no priority system – everyone will have access to select events to fill up their schedule on a first come, first served basis. This phase closes January 31st, 2020.

During this phase you’ll be able to see what events are still open, which ones only have alternate (waiting list) tickets, and which ones are fully sold out. You will not be able to select events which would cause a scheduling conflict (by having tickets for multiple games running at the same time), even if they are alternate tickets. If you change your mind on an event and decide you no longer want it, you can remove it from your assignments allowing another person to grab the ticket, and freeing up that time slot for you to select a new event.  Think of it as an online shopping cart.

Whatever tickets you have assigned to you on the website are the tickets you’ll be getting when you pick up your folder at the convention.