Event Proposal Help

What do all of the categories, checkboxes, and dropdowns on the Event Proposal form mean? The following guide should help you sort them out!!

Game Types

Rules Knowledge

Describes how well the players should know the rules, setting, and conventions of the game.


Describes the content of your event. This lets players pick

Required Materials

Describes what, if anything, players need to bring to your event. For events that require materials, we recommend listing/summarizing what is needed in the event description, if possible.


There will be two special tracks this year that GMs can choose to list their games in. Descriptions of the tracks will be listed in the front of the book, but the individual games will not. Lists of the games in these tracks will be compiled and made available on the website as well as the registration desk onsite. Events can be in both tracks.

Time Slots

Con of the North 2020 uses a Time Slot system to schedule events. Each event slot is 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours long and starts on an even-numbered hour. The names are a combination of the day and the start and end times for the slot in 24-hour/military time.

GMs should plan to begin their event on time and wrap up 5-15 minutes before the end of their chosen time slot to allow time to pack up everyone’s things, clean up the table, and for everyone to get to their next event. Tables must be surrendered at your event’s ending time to allow the next event to start.

All Convention events (marked as “ALL-CON”) are ones which do not have a specific start or end time. Typically these are events you can join in at any time. If you would like to run something like this, note it in your Special Requirements box and email us at info@conofthenorth.org before submitting your proposal. ALL-CON events must be submitted by the event deadline to be considered.

Sponsoring Organization

A Sponsoring Organization is any club, store, publisher, or other organization that sponsors an event or events.

Organizations must email a request to be a Sponsor before they can be listed as the sponsor of an event for that convention year. Only one request needs to be submitted out per organization, no matter how many events they’re sponsoring. We will ask the Sponsoring Organization to verify the list of events to make sure the list is correct.

All Sponsors will be listed in the Event Book along with the events they’re sponsoring and the description and website provided on the form.