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Updated July 11th, 2017

Summer LARP Campout

Every year Minnesota role-players get together for some live action role-playing and outdoor activities - volleyball, badminton, bocce, hiking, board/card games, and burning food over an open flame. The brave set up tents and camp after the game, the rest take the short drive back to their home or a nearby hotel and return the next day. No previous knowledge or experience is needed, just a willingness to have fun.

When: 4:00 PM Friday, July 19th to 2:00 PM July 21th. The interactive games begin around 7 PM on Friday and Saturday.

Where: Blue Stem campsite, Crow-Hassan park in Hennepin County near Rogers, MN.

Cost: $8 per player per day.

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Event Descriptions

To be announced.

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